This is a nostalgic as well as information laden resource written by a serious enthusiast and workboat owner. It provides historical information about the real stars of the NZ Coast.

Workboats have a simplicity of form that many of us find appealing. Everything has a purpose and there are few luxuries. One of my bugbears is owners who try to make them comfortable cruisers by placing large sheds on deck. It is sad to see; but at least the boat is saved.

It is possible to live well on a working boat but some want to get afloat and not move too far out of their comfort zones. Best to get a tupperware cookie cutter fizzy and be really comfy with all the creature comforts!

Many old workboats are just that. They were owned and crewed by a variety of men and women. Their survival and condition depended on the design, construction and devotion of those who owned and maintained them.

So, in their declining years, some boats got to be very flogged around. Some were treated more kindly. But always remember, they didn't get old by being useless! The unfortunate ones are no longer with us and some crews rest in peace.