The Bluff Harbour tug Theresa Ward arrived to-day from South Shields, after a passage of 75 days, including the time in port, at Adelaide, en route. Captain MacIntyre having no detailed chart of the straits, took the precaution to pick up a pilot off Riverton, before approaching the Bluff. The tug will be the most efficiently fitted in the colony, having salvage gear and a powerful pump and steam capstan for handling lines. Her length is 117ft, beam 22ft, and depth 12ft 6in. The engines are triple cylinders, 15½ in, 25 in, and 41 in, with 27in stroke. The boiler is fitted with three of Morrison's patent furnaces, and the working pressure is 180lb. On her trail her speed was 14 miles, a fact which will be appreciated by visitors to Stewart Island. The builders were Messrs Rennoldson and Sons, of South Shields.
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