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Here is one of the old darlings of the Auckland Harbour Board. She was launched in 1908 and scrapped in 1974. For many years, she was the mainstay of bigger ship movements in the growing port. She berthed the Hood solo but she and Wm C Daldy had a bit of difficulty when a strong Easterly took control of the Oronsay in the early '50s and a lot of piles and paintwork were ground away.
She got in the way of a big ship's prop in 1938 and had to drop her tow and scuttle for the shallower waters off the Viaduct. All hell must have been breaking loose down below as the waters rose.
The Harbour Board set about salvaging her, not being aware that this sort of thing is impossible (as they are in these more enlightened days). Raised between two Board barges, she was progressively moved to the shallows and the hole patched. Being a riveted iron ship, that repair would be very hard these days certainly.
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Two pictures of her towing the Tonawanda to port in the '30s

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Positioning the Rewa at Moturekareka -unsucessfully as it transpired- in 1930 to provide a breakwater.