I always admired this tug. She really looked the part with that wheelhouse -ready for some real nasty stuff. Her hull was hydroconic form and not that pretty under water IMHO. She was just under 60' long to keep her to the lower manning levels of the day. Toiler was built in Hong Kong by Pacific Island Shipbuilding and, with the barge Waiwaka for Gulf Freighters (Winstones + Harry Julian), was delivered to Auckland in 1958. Toiler was secured on her barge for the delivery tow by the tug Inglis along with an oil barge for Perth. She was launched in Fremantle and both she and Waiwaka were towed to NZ by the Inglis. Toiler had to enter these waters on her own keel to avoid punitive duties.
There already was a "Toiler" registered, so she was renamed "Sea Toiler"
She had two 8L3 Gardners with 3:1 reduction.
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(Above left) Pictured arriving on Waanui barge in Fremantle with tug Inglis alongside. Other pictures rafted up with mates Otapiri, Wainui and Herenui
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Here she is at Hobson Wharf -upper left. Above she is with Wainui as well as on left.
She was the nearest tug in Whangarei 1959 when the tanker Anina was disabled off the coast and, because none of the big tugs was available at short notice, Sea Toiler was engaged to tow her off the shore and, if possible, the 150 miles to Auckland at a daily charge. Harry is very proud of his ship (he had joined in Whangarei after racing up by car) and says so in his book "Sea In My Blood". It took Seat Toiler two hours to get her moving towards Auckland in high winds and seas. Another hour saw them making a knot and they passed inside the Hen and Chicks after 24 hours. AHB tugs Aucklander and the Daldy met the tow off Rangitoto and secured alongside Anina with Sea Toiler continuing towing with a shortened tow towline! Read into that what you will.
Not long after this epic tow, the Gardners were removed and replaced by T8 Kelvins.
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